Apple Blocks Downgrade Method in iOS 5 and Other News

Apple Blocks Downgrade Method in iOS 5

Apple and the jailbreak community are always playing cat and mouse. Apple in one hand is ‘forbidden’ jailbreak, but jailbreaker still could find a way to break into security systems that have been built by Apple. But not this time. Apple finally block of a function that’s often used by jailbreaker to downgrade from one version of the iOS to the lower version.

Therefore, Apple has implemented a system that would only give permission to certain iOS build to be able to be installed. This resulted in the downgrade that almost can’t be done. Previously, jailbreaker used to use SHSH blobs in iTunes to downgrade the iOS.

As reported by Dev-Team, a jailbreak community, changes in the iOS 5 show a different sign-in process. The new process will look more like BBTicket (Baseband Ticket), which make it harder to downgrade.

But that’s not entirely bad news. Restore the firmware to the pre-iOS 5 version is still possible although it seems to used the old version of iTunes. The reason why Apple decided to change the process, the Dev-Team explained that it’s actually just a matter of time until Apple makes changes to it through the iOS delta updates.

While iPhone 5 Towards Production, Apple TV Is Still Designed

The latest reports suggest that Apple’s business partners are in preparation to begin in production of iPhone 5. The production season is planned to be started in the mid-late August 2011.

With that news, the analysts estimate that iPhone 5 will be released as soon as possible after mid-September. An observer from Morgan Stanley firm, Katy Huberty believes that the Apple will start to produce the new gen of iPhone in the end of August.

Huberty also added that Apple is currently working on a television product. It also said that Apple is still at the early design stages of the television product. This becomes important as it will provide a new way for Apple to boost its annual revenue.

Observer who has just attended a series of meetings in Taiwan was also write that Apple will likely release a cheaper version of the iPhone. It’s believed that Apple will expand the market which dominated the upscale consumer so far.