Apple Latest News

Doodle Jump: Two Player Mode

Good news for Doodle Jump lovers as this game  just get its update. Through the latest upadte, you’ll able to challange your friends using iDevice’s WiFi connection. There will be a finish line in two-player mode and the one who reach it first is the winner. To spice things up, you must share power-ups with your partner. Who jumps higher and fasre, will get the chance to use them first. But if you’re iPad users, don’t worry as Doodle Jump for iPad is on the way right now.

Twitter iOS Update Supports iPad 2′s Cam

Twitter app update for iOS was released a few hours ago. The main feature of this update is bring a support for the camera iPad 2. As you know that iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera, so the Twitter for iPad didn’t have that feature. Now with the camera on iPad 2, isn’t difficult for Twitter to add ‘add photo’ feature.

That feature is made by putting a camera icon in the ‘new tweet’. Users can upload photos directly from the library or shoot using the camera on iPad 2. In addition to support iPad 2′s cam, Twitter update 3.3.2 also brings some fixes. Notification of location changing that causes appearance of  compass were fixed, including bugs that cause Twitter crashes. If you don’t use a Twitter for iOS, you can download it now in iTunes.

iReply Makes You Respond Every Text Message

It’s design especially for those who always forget in replying a message. It’s a kind of app that will alert you to any unread messages, but if you already read it once then iReply won’t give you an alert anymore. So you won’t be asking by your boss or friends again about why did you don’t reply or ignore their messages.

When you don’t reply someone’s message, iReply will allert you an hour later that you haven’ty reply the message yet. The notification box will give you two options whether you want to dismiss the reminder or forget it. Or you can set a fine tune on iReply’s extensive option to choose the message that deserve a reply. It also provides you Blacklist and Whitelist to block some annoying message you don’t want to read.