Clear Browsing History on Mobile Safari And Data Transfer from iPad 1 to iPad 2

Clear Browsing History on Mobile Safari

There are so many reasons why you have to remove browsing history. Beside to make your browsing history list look clean, perhaps you also won’t other people know what sites had you opened. For those reasons, then make sure that you have clean the browsing history on your Safari in iPhone.

  1. Open Setting and select Safari
  2. Scroll down until you’ve find ‘Clear History’, then tap.
  3. Choose ‘Confirm’
  4. Done!

Now, when you’re opening your Safari, then all the browsing history had been deleted and none able to see the sites you had open before.

Tips: From Safari Setting, you may also clear cache and cookies. When you open a site, Mobile Safari will save cache and cookies to reduce bandwidth and server load. If you want to clean it, you just need to tap ‘Clear Cookies’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Choose ‘Confirm’ afterward, and your cache and cookies will be removed.

Data Transfer from iPad 1 to iPad 2

Do you have a plan to tranfer you data in iPad 1 to your iPad 2? iTunes provides you the easiest way, so that all your data, info and apps will moves fastly from ipad 1 to iPad 2. Please follow some steps below to make your data and setting can be tranfered to your new iPad fastly.

  1. Connect your iPad 1 to Wiondows PC or MacBook. Open iTunes.
  2. If your iPad and iTunes don’t do sycnhronization directly, then click the Sync button. Or, right-click on the device in navigator bar, click Back Up.
  3. Unplug your iPad 1, then connect your iPad 2 to your Windows PC or Mac.
  4. If you don’t register your iPad 2 yet, then the register request will appear.
  5. iTunes will aks one of these things:(1)set up as a new iPad, (2)restore from a backup. Choose ‘restore from backup’ and choose backup that you’ve made.
  6. After the restore process is done, then yoour iPad 2 will reboot. When iTunes detect it again, iPad 2 will automatically do the sync process to all apps and games that had been installed on iPad 1.
  7. Let iTunes finish the 6th process, then you can check that your iPad 2 already have the same setting and data with your iPad 1.