Diner Dash Seasonal Snack Pack

Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack is a fun and happy Mac sim time management game. The goal is to keep customers happy by seating them properly, taking their order, putting their order into the kitchen, taking the food to the table, collecting the money and cleaning up. This would be quite an ordeal for just a few customers, but the clients keep coming in to eat and your aim is to please everyone before closing time.

There are 2 modes of play in this casual game: Story and Endless Shift. The story is about Flo who wants to help Cookie the chef so they pool their talents together to run an outdoor snack café in a water park. The daily goals are important for the restaurant to flourish.  In the Endless Shift the customers stream in and you need to keep the customers from getting angry, because it will cost you 1 star for each client who leaves. When you are out of stars, your shift is over.

Keep an eye out for the flashing upgrade  button. At that point you can buy something to help work faster. Also when you have enough money you can buy snazzy clothes to wear on your work shift.

This is a fast moving, quite involved casual sim play in a colorful, pleasant environment. It’s broken up with other plays (dressing Flo and buying upgrades) to enhance the Mac game. I thought this game would be a great one for children (there’s an easy level) and casual gamers with a lot of variety such as 5 different restaurants and 50 levels. The upbeat music keeps you moving quickly to please your customers. This game is part of the Diner Dash series with Flo as the main character. The developers do a good job on all their games through their artwork (very colorful and funny cartoons), music and game play.