Dinertown Detective Agency

DinerTown is in the midst of a crime spree, and no one is there to solve all the mysteries. Luckily, Bernie the bookworm just bought himself a detective kit and is eager to fight crime in Flo’s great town. DinerTown Detective Agency is a Mac hidden object game for fun and entertainment.

Everyone who is into sim time management games is familiar with Diner Dash and its many sequels and additions, but are you familiar with the hidden object game? DinerTown Detective Agency takes the same quirky characters and familiar town and uses them for their hidden object plays. The list is Bernie’s notebook at the left. The magnifying glass on an item indicates the need to use it in order to see the object. The hint button will recharge and when you find the API badge it will add 5 minutes to the timer or extra points in the relaxed mode. After your search you interview suspects, witnesses and evidence to make your analysis of the crime.

There are many different objects to search with variation on the type and number of items. For instance, you must find a number of pastries, and they can consist of rolls, croissants and more. I found some of the pastries hard to make out but on the most part the HOG scenes are easy plays.

The game DinerTown Detective Agency is a cute cartoony and funny mystery hunt, but may be too simple for experienced gamers. However, it should be ideal for kids. A similar but more adult version of this play is Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile. The DinerTown artwork as always is very good and with the music makes a pleasant game. Try it out. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a fun play for kids.