Downgrade Apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

If you already update a new version of one of your app, but you find that the update doesn’t work properly and make your app become error, then you have to downgrade to the previous version. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide downgrade option.

You can downgrade your app through the following ways:


Step 1

First of all you have to check whether you can complete all the process. Look to the location where your iTunes Libary is located. Default location on Windows 7 is:

%USERPROFILE%\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

Look at the version number from the app you want to downgrade.

Step 2

Open Recycle Bin on Desktop and check wheter there’s your old version of your app you had update before. If it’s there, then you have to restrore it.

Note:You’ll probably find more than one old version of your app that had been updated. It happens as when the app updated, iTunes deleted the old version and put it on Recycle Bin.


Step 1

Delete the new version of your app on PC and in the iDevice.


  • data relating to the app will also deleted
  • if your iDevice is jailbroken, then you can backup all the data

Next, hold at the app icon until it shaking and click on ‘X’ to remove it.

Go to the iTunes app folder on your PC. Default location:

%USERPROFILE%\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

Choose the app that you want to remove. Press DELETE on your keyboard. Choose YES for confirmation.

Step 2

Go to the RecycleBin > right click > restrore the old version of your app you want to downdrade.

Step 3

Open the iTunes and put the app. App store default icon will appear then right click > get info.

Step 4

There will be a notification said that your app can’t be placed there. Click LOcate to find the mentioned app.

Step 5

Go to the apps directory and choose the old version of the previous app.

Step 6

Sync-back the app to iDevice.

Step 7

After synchronization procees is done, open the app on your iDevice. If you do it in the right way, then the old app version will open.