Finally, Duke Nukem Forever Comes On Mac And Others

Finally, Duke Nukem Forever Comes On Mac

After PlayStation, Xbox and PC, now it’s tome for Mac that will get the actions of Duke Nukem Forever. Yeah, after waiting for a long time, Aspyr Media announces that Duke Nukem Forever will be present on Mac platform in August 2011. This statement came out of the President of Aspyr Media, Michael Rogers. Aspyr reportedly will cooperate with 2K Games developer.

Duke Nukem Forever journey itself is quite complicated. This game was developed starting in 1996 and published in 1997. Finally in 2011, the Duke Nukem Forever is complete the proceedings and was released on June 14, 2011 in America. This game is supposed to be the best game in the world, considering the manufacture of which reached 14 years. But the visual display of Duke Nukem Forever looks like the early graphics of PS3/Xbox 360, circa 2005/2006 especially with the animated characters that look stiff.

What about the upcoming performance on the Mac platform? Duke Nukem Forever which is priced at $ 45 for pre-order, with specs of Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Mac and will run better on Mac OS X 10.6.7 with 2GB of RAM. Well … hope that its presence doesn’t disappoint.

Draw with Your Fingers on iPad Canvas

One of the best of touchscreen devices like tablet is the ability to use it as a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. Quite a lot of apps being released by utilizing the creativity of the user’s finger, one of which is an app brought by Anuman Interactive developer.

If you’re love everything about art, you need to try Drawing Kit app. You can create a drawing or painting with your fingers. Drawing Kit version 1.1 has new features like a pencil line to the results of a more real image, the ability to draw quickly, stickers app, and more. Not only that, you also can color available comic figures.

With one scratch, you can create amazing works and creations. You can also apply the abstract style in your work. To get all this convenience, you just need to pay $ 1.99.