Fishdom H2O

Fishdom H2O is a fast paced hidden object Mac game taking place under the sea. Jennifer a marine biologist needing some extra cash decides to dive for sunken treasure and items to sell. She is planning to build a fantastic aquarium in order to impress a bigwig so she can get a job.

The hidden object play is fantastic with colorful undersea scenes with many curious items for Jennifer to collect. Even though you are underwater, the waters are crystal clear and the objects are easy to find. If you are having difficulties seeking your items, there is always the hint button to assist you in your search. To get more hints, you need to find seahorses in the underwater scenery.

Creating the aquarium is a fun part of this hidden object play. You can design your tank the way you see fit. Get all the exotic fish, turtles, sharks and plants to impress someone who owns the best aquarium around. The mini games are a fun addition to the main play. You need to click on all the gold in the scene or the same kind of objects like guitars. Also there is a game where you have limited air in your tank so you must scurry and click on the needed objects as fast as possible.

You can play the game relaxed (untimed) or timed. Even though the time is limited to 3 minutes (very fast in the hidden object world), you can find all your items in that timeframe. Keep your eyes on the time and if need be, use your hints!

I liked Fishdom H2O for its awesome undersea sceneries and clear pictures. I even liked the timed factor because it kept the play quick and interesting. The story line is not drawn out and boring, and it keeps the tale light and cheery. The building of the aquarium is an added plus with a screensaver for you to use, and the mini games are fun to do. So dive into the clear blue waters and find all the hidden treasures in this Mac game Fishdom H2O.