Fix-It-Up World Tour

Kate is ready to conquer the world by expanding her car repair and rental shops. Her 2 sidekicks, Steve and Martin, are there to help her fulfill her dreams of world domination. Can it be done? Will Steve and Martin put down their petty differences and try to work together, join her in repairing broken down jalopies and rent the finished product for a nice profit?

Take the world tour first to Mexico where you buy or reject cars from citizens who are in need of another vehicle. You decide whether the money they want for their cars is reasonable or not. If you are satisfied with the cost, you click on the green check to accept the wreck. If they are asking too much for the car, reject it by clicking on the red X. Drag the car to your lot. There are parking spaces available to place your recently acquired vehicle. If the car is in need of repair, drag it to the repair shop and wait until it comes out. It may need a paint job so drag it to the next building to get a new coat of paint. Afterwards take it to the rental lot to make available to the public. When someone sees your newly refreshed car, they will give you an offer and you can either accept or reject the bid. In addition to all those tasks, you must make enough money to buy parts to fix the cars.

An added bonus to this game is to fix up Kate’s new mansion. You add on and fix this compound to Kate’s liking. Another interesting aspect of this game is the environmental friendly paint and air filters, and monster trucks.

The play is easy for a sim time management game and the tutorial is good. The game is repetitive, but isn’t that the nature of sim time management plays? The story is amusing and the play enjoyable even though it may not challenge many gamers. Help Kate out and takeover the world by buying, repairing and renting out cars in Fix-It-Up World Tour.