Free Text Messaging, Musics’ Social Network And GarageBand Updates

Free Text Messaging on Viber 2.0

Viber has update to 2.0 version. This iPhone app allows you to do free calls and free text messaging to other Viber users. Different to others apps in App Store which also olny allow you to do free text messaging, Viber 2.0 allows you to do both texting and calling in the same app.

The 2.0 version has change its design for some screens including the contact interface that had been refine to display contacts who have Viber or those you have ‘favourited’. Its messaging service becomes one at the bottom tabs and it will store all your messages in the same way with the iPhone’s ‘Messages’ app. Viber also can replace the needs of texting message which had you received from those who don’t use Viber, unless you convince them to download it.

Mac: GarageBand ’11 Updates to 6.0.2

GarageBand ’11 was got its update yesterday (March 31st), and now it brings support for iPad. This update has 47 MB in size. It also improve all stability and support for opening projects imported from GarageBand in iPad. GarageBand 6.0.2 is truly recommended for all GarageBand ’11 users.

Ping: Musics’ Social Network

Ping is a new app on App Store that created especially for music loveres. You can follow your favourite artists and get the update of their status and photos. You may also share with your friends about your fave music, or get to know what’s your friends’ fave. Just like other social networks where you can express yourself, but the difference is; Ping allows you to express yourself through music. You even can comment on songs and albums you own from iTunes library.

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