iPad 2 + FaceTime Mac = Remote Monitoring Auto-Answer

Before you can use it, iPad 2 and FaceTime will ask you to create a new email account. Then you can adjust setting, Apple ID, some of email addresses that you use through the Settings app that located under the “FaceTime.” Through that tab you can log in using your Apple ID and sign your new email account.

Afterward, do the third email setup on iPad to ensure that incoming calls get the appropriate device. To verify this, you probably will be fail in your first experiment. If that happens, just delete your email then enter it again and wait for confirmation from Apple. After a while FaceTime will be used on iPad 2.

Besides all the features provided by FaceTime, you can try the auto-answering FaceTime calls through your Mac. This feature is sometimes needed when you’re away from your Mac. In other words. you’re using your Mac as a remote monitoring tool.

  • To be able to use the Remote Monitoring Auto-Answer in iPad 2:
  • Open Terminal.app which is located in the folder/Applications/Utilities.
  • Type: defaults write com.apple.FaceTime AutoAcceptInvitesFrom-array-add [email protected]
  • Change ‘[email protected]’ with an email address that you’d use in FaceTime setting.
  • You can enter your email or phone number as many as you can by repeating the command above and type in Terminal.
  • To remove it type: defaults delete com.apple.FaceTime AutoAcceptInvitesFrom

This steps run well on iPad 2 and other iOS devices. iPad 2 also able to make FaceTime calls when connected on Personal Hotspot on iPhone.

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