Mahjong Review

Spend a relaxing day tackling the 144 tiles in Mac Mahjong puzzles with its Chinese characters and pictures. The object of the game is to pair tiles to remove from their layered positions and clear the board. Tiles surrounded by 2 or more sides will not be able to be moved so you must think ahead and plan your strategy before diving head first into the midst of the game. However, with that being said, you must move quickly and efficiently for the true nature of the play to take effect.

The game has 4 modes: Classic, Shuffle, Math and Word. Classic you remove pairs of tiles at a time. With 2 groups of tiles, the 2 tiles to pair can be any 2 tiles from one group. If you are stuck, you can use the hint button, but will not get points for the pair made with the hint. Shuffle is similar to Classic but if there are no more moves to be made, you can shuffle the tiles to present more options. Just keep in mind only 3 shuffles are allowed. The Math mode has tiles with numbers and symbols that are used in arithmetic expressions. The Word mode has images of letters and is played like the Math mode except with words.

At first glance Mahjong looks plain and simple, but in getting past the Classic mode, you get a lot more to this game. I liked the easygoing play of Classic and Shuffle. The Math and Word is a little more challenging but fun. The tiles are nicely done, sound effects appropriate and the variety of games interesting. Try it out for a more than a relaxing adventure into the Mac game Mahjong.

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