The Wonderful Wizard of OZ Review

Who doesn’t know the great story of the Wizard of Oz? Some young kids may not be conscious of it but with the classic movie starring Judy Garland, even the youngest of kids are aware of this awesome tale based on the book by L. Frank Baum. Join Dorothy after crashing into the wicked witch of the East, find your way to the Emeralds the city where the great and powerful Oz resides. Dorothy will meet many familiar faces along the way, but stay away from the wicked witch of the West.

Make fun matches of gems with tiny munchkins embedded in them by the evil witch and free them by making matches of identical gems by swapping adjacent items. When you free enough munchkins you will be able to make one diagonal swap. There are many power-ups to help you clear the game board of all the yellow brick like the Lion who will destroy gems around him, axe will destroy one tile, the tornado will clear tiles above and below it, the 2 axes will crumble the yellow brick around it and more. Enjoy the journey down the yellow brick road by destroying all of them and freeing the munchkins from their wicked witch’s evil hold.

The game play is like a lot of gem breaking match games but it’s still good fun and with the diagonal move after it fills up makes it a little different from some others. There are tons of power-ups to help you clear the board so it’s not a very difficult game, especially since there is no timer. This may be a good game for children. The story can be read in between the 50 levels with 10 chapters. Take a pleasant walk down the yellow brick road in this solid match 3 game.