Things You Should Know Before Buying iPad 2

March 11th will be the date of the iPad 2 officially release. You can get them at online or retail stores. Before you decide to do online order or go to the nearest retail store, there are some things you should consider:

Online or In-Store

It’s different the iPad 1 and iPhone 4 in which you can do pre-order, Apple doesn’t provide the same service for the iPad 2. It will be available at at certain hours on Friday. While for retail stores, iPad 2 will be selling at 17:00 (PST)

Some sources say that will start selling iPad 2 at 12:01 am (PST) on March 11, 2011. You can choose several models in black or white, also WiFi or WiFi+3G. Apple promises faster delivery for those who purchase through Meanwhile, Apple retail stores will open at 5pm in the same day. Usually, Apple will close the retail store for a few hours to prepare all stock and the staff so that buyers will get the best service.

Retail Partners

iPad 2 also will be sold at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club. From all theese retail partners, none of them mention about the open hour. However, some say that they won’t sell iPad 2 before 5 pm.

Models, Colors, Carriers

As your information that there are 18 models of iPad 2. You can see 9 of them in the list below, both Black or White versions:

  • IPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi: $ 499.00
  • IPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi: $ 599.00
  • IPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi: $ 699.00
  • IPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB +3G Verizon: $ 629.00
  • IPad 2 Wi-Fi 32GB +3G Verizon: $ 729.00
  • IPad 2 Wi-Fi 64GB +3G Verizon: $ 829.00
  • IPad 2 16GB +3 G Wi-Fi AT&T: $ 629.00
  • IPad 2 32GB +3 G Wi-Fi AT & T: $ 729.00
  • IPad 2 64GB +3 G Wi-Fi AT & T: $ 829.00

Different to the iPhone 4, Apple promised that iPad 2 White will available on the day of launch, on Friday.

iPad 2 Buying Tips

  • If you’re more interested in color (Black/White), it will be better if you do online orders. Buying at retail stores sometimes annoying, when you reached the end of the line then the color that you want is out of stock.
  • Check Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to know the current report at retail stores.
  • Wait until Saturday. Online stores like Best Buy and Walmart usually send order over the weekend. It means that weekend is the best time to visit retail stores or Apple stores if you want.

Now the decision is yours; do you want to do online order or in line at retail stores?