One of my favorite places in the world is the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. So much history resides there. It’s a beautiful area with dense vegetation as far as the eyes can see, and in the midst of this green you will find small mounds that were once Mayan pyramids with incredible stories. After meticulous excavation, you will see the splendor of once majestic structures that rose from the ground and reached high in the sky. In Mac mahjong game Yucatan you will be uncovering tombs buried beneath colorfully arranged stylistic pyramid-like designs and you must unravel this puzzle one boulder at a time.

Remove one stone at the top of the pyramid but you must only choose the color stone indicated on the color wheel to the right of the screen. You must take care not to disturb the anchoring bricks or you will be stymied in your effort to reveal the gray tombstone buried deep beneath the other boulders. Also some stone will be cracked due to missteps and will not budge. This may cause you to start over or find another path to clearing the stones. This game is unique in its play with 3D graphics and can be quite a challenge removing the stones from multi-colored, imaginative shaped pyramids. It will take logical thinking and strategy to figure out the more complex structures. At times many attempts must be made to complete your task using the undo button at the bottom left of the screen.

Mac puzzle game Yucatan is a challenging but relaxing game to pass the time with on a rainy or sunny afternoon. Each level is different and presents new strategies to conquer. There is no “ah ha” moment to figuring out the other puzzles; each have their own sets of quirks. Even so, it does feel a little repetitive at times, and the guy who “Boogas” you when you make a mistake can be a little more than annoying. However, with that said this is a puzzle game for those players into a different play with some challenges. The background is interesting and beautiful, the music appropriate for the scenes. So go to the amazing Yucatan and discover the magic of the area in this game. I give it a 3 out of 5 for a unique and creative play.